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Welcome Tulsa Anime fans

The Tulsa Anime community is just that - those that have heard of or appreciate anime and want to possibly learn more to those Tulsan's that are totally fanatical about it! From talking about where to get the greatest deals on Anime in and around Tulsa, to passing on the local word on the newest anime related events locally, to keeping up to date with some of the newest releases, to just having a outlet to rant and rave about your favorite series to possibly find another locally to connect to - this is where to do it!

Want to join? Please do! Remember - if you 'friend' the journal you don't become a member - just a watcher - so use the link at the top of this page to "join this community" - and you'll be on your way!

Live around Tulsa? Want to meet other anime fans? Join the Tulsa Anime Organization!

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Basic Rules and loving - in progress

**NO POSTING HENTAI OR LINKS OF AN ADULT NATURE** We might love it, hate it, or not care about it - but there are people active and interested in Anime in Tulsa below the age of 18 - let's respect that.

For now consider this a open and fun community! If problems occur and people create issues - then moderation of posts, or entry into the community will be looked into as a resulting action. So let's keep it nice - so we can stay totally open - and gain more members and fun! Or such :)

Mod-based rantings of some interest - yea

We are affiliated [ due to physical location if NOTHING else :) ] to our loving friends over at tulsatime and oklahoma - if your local - you should check them out!

Please feel free to contact me at my lj x_a or my personal site's blog on onedamnpixel.com - if you have any thoughts or concerns about the community - and how to improve us! We are always looking to better ourselves, and rely upon everyone to help - the more the merrier - and such.

Any graphics or time put into this site by the busy mod is in the benevolence of Toydrum, Inc - whom own my soul and such - so yea, praise be to them - who are part me - and yea.

Have fun,