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Tulsa Anime
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March 2011
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Be yourself - no matter what.  Else - you'll pay. [userpic]
Call of Duty - FREE 2012 TICKETS - Anime Conventions - AND MORE!

Hey guys - I would REALLY APPRECIATE if you can help me get the word out about these events.

Know Call of Duty fans?

Likes free movies?

We've got stuff for you!@

Monday Night - We have a Best Buy Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 release Monday night. WIN A COPY OF COD MW2 FOR FREE! Play REAL MARINES at COD and see who's better - for prizes!!!

Thursday Night - OKgamers.com has free 2012 tickets we are giving away all week, get them here by posting or twitter:

Also – if you want to know some of our next events not next week:
OKC - 11/13 – Izumicon, three day anime convention in OKC – we’ll be down there talking about OKgamers, I’ll give some panels, etc.

Tulsa/Jenks - 12/13 – tournament at a Tulsa arcade – Funhouse and our “Last Throwdown of 09” – it’ll be fun, but is a pre-curser to the TCC event. Link on OKgamers.

Tulsa - 1/23 – Tournament at TCC Metro campus in Tulsa. This event we are doing up big offering over 100 door and tournament prizes – and some of the best competition in the state for Halo 3, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Street Fighter 4, Blaz Blue and Tekken 6! Looking for sponsors for this as well, and just looking to have a big kick off for January! Link also on OKgamers.

And that’s all the major stuff we know for the next few months! 2010 is looking great as we look to expand to working with 2 more conventions as well as continuing our community efforts with random events such as those above!


Tulsa Minicon 2010

Hi, I'm sure its been renamed, but when is the Tulsa Minicon going to be held this year (2010)? If you or anyone else knows as soon as possible, please send me an email, because I would like to plan accordingly by asking for time off from work and make the trip down to Tulsa from Wisconsin for the con. So ya, my email is parlezlibrement@yahoo.com

Re: Tulsa Minicon 2010

Minicon / Defcon / Tulsa Comic and Anime Expo - are not happening again, or as long as Tokyo in Tulsa is around.

Tokyo in Tulsa 2010 is not only Tulsa's only 3 day anime event, it's Oklahoma's BIGGEST Anime and Japanese culture convention; the closest in size is another 3 day event in OKC with less than 1/3rd TnT's attendance. And if your into gaming, you'd have to go to Dallas to get anything better than TnT's gaming plans in OK.

It's actually kinda crazy that TnT this June will be the only thing Tulsa gets for some time; make sure you come out and enjoy it!

Make sure you check the website, and of course the forums - http://www.tokyointulsa.com