Call of Duty - FREE 2012 TICKETS - Anime Conventions - AND MORE!

Hey guys - I would REALLY APPRECIATE if you can help me get the word out about these events.

Know Call of Duty fans?

Likes free movies?

We've got stuff for you!@

Monday Night - We have a Best Buy Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 release Monday night. WIN A COPY OF COD MW2 FOR FREE! Play REAL MARINES at COD and see who's better - for prizes!!!,2649.0.html

Thursday Night - has free 2012 tickets we are giving away all week, get them here by posting or twitter:

Also – if you want to know some of our next events not next week:
OKC - 11/13 – Izumicon, three day anime convention in OKC – we’ll be down there talking about OKgamers, I’ll give some panels, etc.

Tulsa/Jenks - 12/13 – tournament at a Tulsa arcade – Funhouse and our “Last Throwdown of 09” – it’ll be fun, but is a pre-curser to the TCC event. Link on OKgamers.,2613.0.html

Tulsa - 1/23 – Tournament at TCC Metro campus in Tulsa. This event we are doing up big offering over 100 door and tournament prizes – and some of the best competition in the state for Halo 3, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Street Fighter 4, Blaz Blue and Tekken 6! Looking for sponsors for this as well, and just looking to have a big kick off for January! Link also on OKgamers.,2606.0.html

And that’s all the major stuff we know for the next few months! 2010 is looking great as we look to expand to working with 2 more conventions as well as continuing our community efforts with random events such as those above!

Tulsa Anime Organization 2nd Anniversary & Halloween Party

*stolen from jen lol*
I thought i would put this here for those of you who dont use the forums at

well another year has past and which means WE GET TO HAVE ANOTHER PARTY! *yayyy* anyway hope everyone can make it. Last year we had a blast and this year it should be just as fun if not better. You dont have to be a member to go, if you love japanese culutre than you'll have fun talking about the culture with someone or just playing ddr. Cosplay, anime, food and friends. What more do you need?

2nd Anniversary & Halloween Party
Start: noon oct 20th
end: TBA (maybe 5 or
where: Hardesty Regional Library
8316 E 93rd St
Tulsa, OK 74133
(918) 250-7307

Im not sure which room its going to be in but check
the Pecan & Maple or Ash & Oak Meeting Rooms, it will
be in one of those. Hope to see you there!!!
If you have any questions just ask!

It occurs to me.. . YOU SHOULD GO TO TAO? YES :)

This is the email that gets sent out from - a site that the Tulsa Anime Organization uses to keep us in the know, and recruit new members!

Do you watch anime?
Do you like anime?
Do you want to know more about anime?
Do you want to hang out with anime types?
Do you go to conventions, and want to get cheaper entry?


And now - the email lol --------

Just a quick reminder that The Tulsa Anime Meetup Group has a Meetup tomorrow.

Please take a minute to RSVP now. This will help your Organizer plan a better Meetup! You can see who's coming and RSVP here:

What: TAO meet

When: Saturday, September 15 at 1:00PM

Where: Hardesty Regional Library
8316 E 93rd St
Tulsa OK 74133
(918) 250-7307

To RSVP "Yes", click here:

To RSVP "Maybe", click here:

To RSVP "No", click here:

To see who's coming and to RSVP:

Event Description:
Meeting in the Maple room.

We will be watch TBA.


Crispin Freeman and Wendy Powell in Tulsa!

OMG Yay!

Tokyo in Tulsa - a 3 day anime convention coming up next year just released this info -

We have confirmed for Tokyo In Tulsa two great voice actors/actress, Crispin Freeman and Wendy Powell. Rejoice! We are so happy and thankful to have them!



Spread the word! They are updating their front page now, but their forum and myspace have already broke this.

August 1-3rd, 2008
Tulsa, OK

Naruto 100 episode run...

Starting on Aug 17th,  Cartoon Network will be running all 100 episodes of Naruto that they have aired so far.

While I'm not sure I can suggest this whole heartedly - I thought you should know - just in case you wanted to catch up the Dubbed way.  Good luck.

Minicon 6 coming up - with Guitar Hero - DDR - SSBM - Soul Calibur 2 & 3 - AND MORE COMING UP!


THIS WEEKEND - 7-28-07
Joe Momma's Pizza - Guitar Hero: Rock the 80's Event
- Come love the 80's!

NEXT WEEKEND - 8-04-07
Minicon 6 - ANIME ANIME ANIME! And oh yea -
Naruto 4 - Guitar Hero 2 - DDR - SSBM - GGXX - SC2, SC3 - AND MORE!

OKgamers Monthly Tournament - SC3 / SC2 / and whatever you've voted for!
[VOTING ENDS IN A FEW DAYS, go check it out, and cast your vote!]

Spread the word -

Chris and Destroyer X

Mini-Con VI

Hey everyone!  I thought I'd let those who haven't heard that Mini-Con VI is going to be on August 4, 2007 at the Tulsa Expo Square Trade Center from 10 am to midnight.

Pre-Registration for Mini-Con VI can be done though the following ways:

Wizards Asylum Comics & Games
7165 S Mingo Rd
Tulsa, OK 74133


You Can Mail to:

MiniCon Pre-Registration
7165 S Mingo Rd
Tulsa, OK 74133

The pre-registration prices are as follows:

5 & Under: Free
5 - 12: $8
12 & Up: $10

If you want to pay at the door, the prices are as follows:

5 & Under: Free
5 - 12: $10
12 & Up: $15
T-Shirt (Pre-Reg Only): $20

If you wish to learn more information, you can go to the Mini-Con VI page at  However, according to a Myspace bulletin that was sent out, the pre-registration deadline is fast approaching.  Anyway, I just thought I'd let everyone know.
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time to add interests - talk about deja vu...

Okay - so I KNOW there are ALL KINDS of anime out there right now that is not represented in the interests well - I've added bleach and Naruto, but what else?

Orhan or however that's spelled
Black Lagoon
My Hime
Mai Otome
dennou coil
lucky star
murder princes
nodame cantabile
devil may cry
Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou
Wangan Midnight
Busou Renkin
Trinity Blood

Any others throw in a good list for me? :)

[ good interests = people being able to find this = it actually being useful :) ]

- Saif